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The Holy Grail War: The Hedgehog
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The Holy Grail War: The Hedgehog
Armanis Arfeinial
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I initially started this story to redo a plotline of Modern Warfare 2 when task force 141 was straight up executed. Wanting to keep that, I wrote a story of about 50 thousands words, and then stopped. I rewatched some anime, like Violet Evergarden and Fate series, and scrapped the old project and rewrote it to fit a more literary feel towards it, and reading much more, I wrote this story for veterans in need, to bring to light the conditions they sometimes face. Many readers have told me this story feels real, and those who lived through the horrors of war said the descriptions are completely accurate.

Note: This is not for the faint of heart, and it is dark for many reasons, reasons you'll fine wherein. I hope you enjoy!

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