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How Not to Talk to Girls Special
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How Not to Talk to Girls Special
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The Absolute Guide to NOT Talking to Girls! 

This is NON-CANON to the actual story! You don't have to read this. This is mostly not important stuff that you don't have to read. These chapters are made purely for my fun, and for yours too. It's just funny, dumb stuff in these chapters- maybe even more than the regular books. Hmm. 

This is definitely not your basic love story. It doesn't even have an ending sometimes, and when it does, it doesn't end with a 'happily ever after'. Sorry. Another thing is how this is a book about kids and teenagers and their childish romances, so if this story gets cringey and hard to read, it's not my fault. Well, it is, but not all of it is my fault. Kids are stupid. 

NOTE: This book won't always have good grammar. Don't worry, that's on purpose. It's used for comedic effect, so if it isn't funny to you... deal with it.

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