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Story Of A Rock Contest
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Story Of A Rock Contest
Jay Ellis
Judging: Creator's Pick
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I want you to write an engaging, short story about a single rock. Take any approach you want. Be creative! All genres welcome.


I want to test how creative you all are. I am borrowing a writing challenge posed to me during a Creative Writing course I took in college. The idea is to take a single, seemingly non-interesting object, and try to transform it into something that is exciting and engaging. It forces you to really dig into your imagination and think outside the box. I think you'll be surprised by how fun of a writing exercise this can be. The winner will be determined by who I believe writes the most interesting story. Have fun!


- Nothing sexual is permitted. I do not care for it, and I will not tolerate it. Any entries that contain this will be deleted.

- Try to avoid using too much harsh language. I do not mind mild use of harsh language to accentuate an important point, but I cannot stand reading through "F" bombs.

- Violence is allowed, but if you decide to go graphic, you must put a warning at the top of your entry. This is to respect those who would rather not read that kind of content. Violators will have their entry removed.

- I've given this contest a month, so please use that extra time to polish your writing. Really focus on your spelling, formatting, and grammar. Remember, whether you win or not, this is a chance to showcase your writing skills and potentially gain more exposure and reads on your own personal projects.

- Once again, all genres are welcome.

- Last of all, have fun! No point in doing it if you aren't having fun. :)

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