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Writing To You. . . .
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Writing To You. . . .
Esfandiar C. Hale
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Think of two of your favorite characters from a book you like or recently read. Make one of those characters write a letter to the other character. Make sure that the letter reflects the personality of both characters. The letter should be able to show me what kind of person the character is and what kind of traits and characteristics they have. While you do this, make sure the character is telling the other character an event that happened or maybe make the character narrate the story to the other character in the form of this letter. In the end, all I hope for are some interesting letters. Also, keep it PG will ya?  

Bonus - 

Make the salutation and valediction of the letter different.  

For example, let’s take,  

‘Dear someone’ 


‘Yours sincerely’ 

I find this quite boring. I might give you guys bonus points for creating a funny, unusual, uncommon or out-of-the-box salutation and valediction.  

Good luck! ;) 

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