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Alice misA--White castle table
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Alice misA--White castle table
Hoelex Chang
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This is an adventure from a rebellious blonde girl who loves music and painting, AmisA, who was invited by the British director to star in the movie "Alice in Wonderland", but she accidentally fell into a dream because of passing through a magical mirror in the process.

A dream world full of desserts and music, including the roaring rabbit, the mad hat apprentice Jay Xingke who can perform dessert magic, the sly rabbit Sibi, and the timid and crying little tea girl. , Ugly weirdo big nose BOY...etc.

If Amisa wants to return to her original world, she must participate in the red and white talent competition to unravel the mystery of her dream. In addition to meeting the beautiful heart deer, the confused old general Bai and the empathetic Queen Isabeth; You will encounter four-color playing card generals such as spades and hearts, ferocious and huge terrifying dragons, and the evil and cruel Queen Mary!

The channel of dreams has been opened, and a thrilling sleepwalking is about to begin!

Original: Hoelex

Illustrator: Hoelex

screenwriter: Tim

Music: Tim


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