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Choosing a character death
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Choosing a character death
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Hey there, Little Lady Ally here! (That was too long so Ally it is) This is for the writers and non-writers alike.

Have you ever written or wanted to write a story which features a characters death? Fanfic or your own, as long as it was YOUR writing and your ideas.

If so, have you ever been stumped by how to kill off a character? Have you ever started a story based around a characters death that happens until much later in the story? How do you determine their inevitable demise? Why did you choose them and not a different character?

You can answer these and/or write something based off the prompt below:

~ Need a good reason to write your characters demise? This is it! 800 word limit please, nothing past that. 

I'm mainly curious because I don't want to reach the chapter where one of my OC's has to say goodbye 🥲 I procrastinate more than I write. 

Please share! Thanks! 

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