Character Contest for “Just a Couple of Psychopaths in Hell” | Penana
Character Contest for “Just a Couple of Psychopaths in Hell”
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Character Contest for “Just a Couple of Psychopaths in Hell”
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So I’ve been seeing quite a few character contests on Penana lately and as some of you know I will be writing a short story called “Just a Couple of Psychopaths in Hell” which is a comedy about either world leaders or military leaders who did a lot of questionable things to our world and deserve to burn in hell.

I only have a few characters thought up, like Hitler and Stalin, but I don’t know everything so I’d like you guys to give me some ideas. 

Some rules first:

-They have to be someone from real life, so you don’t have TO much creative ability in this contest, sorry

-They have to be dead to be in hell

-They have to have done some pretty bad things. (It’s not just someone you don’t like based off of political or religious differences)

-You can add a few creative details to the character, like different quirks that might not be EXACTLY historically accurate.

-Tell me what they did wrong in life (did they cause a massacre, did they create a cult, etc.)

-Please add a picture so I can have a physical reference

-No word limit

-Have fun!

Have a good day and remember to love each other always!

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