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Crest Fallen (Book 2)
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Crest Fallen (Book 2)
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Mia Agrinya and Merida Lykos made a promise to each other to stand by each others side no matter what. But as a new enemy begins to threaten the stability of the pack, the pair have to decide whether staying together would be worth the lives of those around them. 

As Merida struggles to grasp her newfound powers, she fears that her magic might lead to more problems than she can handle, and along with the responsibility of protecting the pack while her fathers away, all Merida needs is the strength and comfort of her mate. 

When a mysterious stranger bursts into the pack, Mia begins to find it difficult to hold on to her promise with Merida, especially with the tantalizing secret that her life is on the line. 

Faced with the darkness that grows more powerful by the day, Mia and Merida will need to decide whether the paths they choose will keep them together or tear them apart.

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