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The Fling
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A spirited, independent young girl and a sensitive young boy meet as schoolmates and grow to love and confound each other into young adulthood.

The title of the screenplay is "The Fling".  Conceptually, it's "When Harry Met Sally" meets "Boyhood".

Following the death of her mother, Constance Hopkins and her widowed father relocate from South Carolina to the Pacific Northwest in 1979. At her new ​​​​​​​school she meets and befriends classmate Samhain "Sam" Shake, although the friendship gets off to a rocky start. Through interactions with friends and family throughout their childhood and adolescence in the 1980's, Constance and Sam eventually fall in love and become high school sweethearts, but religious differences and Sam's pressuring Constance to have sex put a strain on the relationship which culminates in a crisis and an eventual opportunity for mutual emotional growth.

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