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Survival Under Protection
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Survival Under Protection
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Fifteen-year-old, naive, and innocent Ria Wilson is the little sister to the most reputed, feared, and protective six brothers, renowned as the Wilson brothers.

Logan and Jack, the eldest ones, made sure that no boy could bother or even come in contact with their little Ria. Her torments did not end here as her uncle and her two cousins never left a stone unturned to humiliate and belittle her.

Ria continued to survive in her closed life until Daniel Parker, a boy with a cold heart and a reputation as the biggest womanizer landed in the same school. Ria knew about the repercussion, but she could not resist her desire to unfold her wings as she entered a world of love and freedom in Daniel's world.

But was Daniel ready to face the consequences? Talking of consequences, the most ruthless face of fate was waiting to unleash as Ria was yet to learn the dirtiest secret of her life.

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Total Reading Time: 57 minutes
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