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Which is better?
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So I have been confused whether or not I should continue my fourth story or third. It'd be great to get someone to tell me which stories plot is good?

​My third story's plot: Iris and the ship of nonet. A girl named Iris has been given a chance to live again. This is a science fiction story. It contains parallel world and many more stuff that is gonna come in the future. Iris is on her journey whith her new mates to save save the world from a man who is trying to rebuilt the world. Iris helps her friends and together tries her best to save the world from rebuild or kindda restart. But this journey is full of mystery. She even gets to know that the one who is causing the trouble is someone she's been searching for.

My fourth story's plot: The Rhythm Of The Violin: Lora is an High school girl who loves to play the violin. Playing the violin is also a promise made by her to her father,  who died become of Cancer. Lora isn't good at it first. but then someone comes to help her. She doesn't realise this until she finally completes her father's dream with his help. She later finds a good luck note on her desk and never gets to see him again. Basically this story is some what about an angel send by God to help this girl.

Pls, lemme know which is better. 

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