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Childhood Fears
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Childhood Fears
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   I had a nightmare yesterday. The nightmare was very nostalgic and made me remember a certain something that scared me as a child. It ended up pushing me into creating a contest. I want know about something that scared YOU terribly as a child.


   The rules are very simple.

   You can only choose one thing: It can be practically anything, whether it be a book, a video game, an internet video, a creepypasta, etc. As long as it's not some real life trauma or issues, it's fine.

   It needs to be true: This is the reason that I bolded the word 'you'. I don't want it being a story from a fictional characters' point of view.

   Be Descriptive: Try explaining why you found it to be scary.


   It doesn't need to be something that gave you nightmares. It can be something that is just weird and creepy. As long as it slightly disturbed you, it counts. The winners will be decided by how creepy and unique there fear is. By unique, I mean anything well-hidden and forgotten, or strange and uncommon. Anyways, best of luck!

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