The Skill Of Choosing A Right Hat That Matches Your Clothes | Penana
The Skill Of Choosing A Right Hat That Matches Your Clothes
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The Skill Of Choosing A Right Hat That Matches Your Clothes
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Contrastive color combination is the key to fashion. When the color difference between hat and clothes is large, it may appear short.

A hat in many cases is a necessity same as boots or gloves. The work you're doing and the materials that are easily accessible would usually determine the type of a hat you would wear. Today lots of people are considering at it as if it's more of a fashion piece and for example wear cowboy hats because they look good in it, not because they chasing cattle around the ranch.

There are several people who wear hat of their favourite superhero, likewise a baseball fan wearing the hat of his favrouite team. Now, lets read the tips on deciding the right hat that matches your clothes:

  1. When wearing sportswear such as chicago cubs shirts, baseball caps such as chicago cubs hats or empty caps are usually worn.

  1. When choosing suits, windbreakers and woolen overcoats, they are usually matched with hats or wool caps.

  1. When wearing printed clothes, it is better to choose a certain dark hat.

  1. Choosing hats with strong contrast to clothing color gives others a lively and vigorous feeling.

  1. Wearing red clothes is the best way to wear a blue hat.

  1. Choosing hats that are the same color as clothing or similar to the overall color of clothing can give others a fresh and elegant feeling.

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