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The Lord of the Slaads-The Heart of Chaos
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The Lord of the Slaads-The Heart of Chaos
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"A Guardian who's told he's the heir,

the chosen one with all the answers,

a world who's memories are altered

and the Slaad lords that bring war."

    Rickalas, thought it would be another ordinary boring day to be a Guardian when he along with his fellow Guardians arrived at Mallace. He was very wrong. An unknown force sent him to the forgotten city of Hydra and there he stumbled upon an ancient tomb of a Slaad lord. He accidentally unlocked. Curiosity got the best of his fear as he pushed deep inside. Unknowingly he awoke one of the most vicious and cruel Slaad lords in Azurdenean history. Their chance encounter broke an illusion that altered many peoples memories. 

     Not before he awoke the Slaad lord, Rickalas took a ring that was stolen from him. How it was inside a tomb sealed for thousands of years was beyond him. Caleb after rescuing him from the Slaad lord explained the ring belonged to the king of the Azzard a line that was broken nine hundred years ago. With all these events confusing Rickalas, Caleb advises that he seeks out the chosen one of old. One who may hold all the answers. Unknowingly to everyone that he walks amongst them all hiding in plain sight. 

     Desperate for answers the Guardians turn to King Tirian of Fasingworld who advises them to speak to the oldest known man in the Azzard, Scabies Thesulac. The Slaad lords were on the move, plotting and planning. The world wasn't prepared for the return of Azurdenea's ancient enemy. War was coming. Death was coming. The nothing, was coming. The One'being had sent its legions to help his minions the Slaads and the Guardians experience their greatest pain when one of their own betrays them.

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