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The Tale of Guy
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The Tale of Guy
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Two Roads

It wasn't a busy road. Signs of any sort of treading are scarcely found, not even the prints of deer have their hooves pressed in the ground. Matter of fact, although it looked to be more friendlier than its neighbor on the left, people tend to choose the rougher road; even when carrying the knowledge of its dangers. Why? Well... the problem wasn't the road, but the rumors that taint it, "I heard he shot someone's dog just because it peed near his house!" "I heard he killed four men, with only two bullets!" "Yeah? Well I heard he stole a woman's husband... not wife, but husband!" 

"Say the right yeah? It looks safer than the left road--" "Oh you don't wanna go down that road, that's where the man that looks like a crow lives." 

Yada yada-- the rumors go beyond the highest mountain tips, echoing down into the ears of gossiping housewives. Becoming a children's tale, "Ever heard of the big bad wolf?" Nah, kids of these days grow up to hear, "Ever heard of the big bad crow?" 

Silly rumors, I know, but enough of'em to make any stranger to those parts weary; as it is better safe than sorry. 

But that's just the country's half of the story, the one based on half-truths and well-spoken lies... have I made you curious enough yet? Well if I haven't made you curious I sure have made my own self! Which is good enough for me. After all, I always find those painted in lies to be the most truthful of them all. And I'm just plain bored, so whether I get shot or find a cool fella worth givin' a shot-- well, it's all the same to me. So what do ya say? Wanna take a venture down that road less taken?

Ayo, author here!

"Another story..? You're not even finished with the others." I know I know, but I just can't seem to rummage any care for my other stories right now (As they are a bit more "serious" and I wish to really write those ones well) So I'll be taking a little break from those other stories of mine on here for awhile, since my passion for them is kind of drained right now ^^''

But since I want to keep writing still involved in my daily life, here's a comedic/semi-serious story about the wildwest!

Backstory of the story...

The Tale of Guy, is actually a story not solely from myself, but also from my bestfriend, who's also a writer. We came up with it while high on a sugar rush, just messing around with random ideas that sprawled into our brains lol. 

We both looooooveeee this western video game that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LIKE-- *chefs kiss* but ahnyways-- Red dead redemption 2! It's an insanely good game if you like cowboy stories, and free-roaming games. But yeah! My friend isn't too good with writing comedy... all her stories are extremely serious and dark, so she is very good in those aspects lol But I am not-- so! Since our writing styles are drastically different from one another, this story will def be different from what I usually tend to write. That being said... this story won't be too long, nor will it be too quick, but I plan to finish it sometime within the next coming months. Aha-- we'll see how that goes... but ye! HOpe you enJOY!

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