Me, Him And A Bunch Of Mishappenings | Penana
Me, Him And A Bunch Of Mishappenings
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Me, Him And A Bunch Of Mishappenings
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This novel was originally created in 2019 and currently has two chapters to it which I haven't added more to before uploading them here. Let me know if this is a story that you would like to read more of! #OwnVoices for autism and anxiety representation.

Hi, I'm Dani and being an autistic seventeen-year-old girl is scary. My family struggle to relate to me, I've always ended up in the most awkward situations and to make matters more tricky, there's a new guy on my bus that has my attention captured. He's a complete mystery but too compelling to ignore. So now, a new life chapter is beginning in becoming an adult and trying to figure out exactly what I'm wanting in life. With little support, it's all up to me to get to true happiness getting closer or further apart with Him, the one who is sitting just seats away from me.

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